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***BIG NEWS***

14 Bolt 40 spline spools are finally back - CNC machined, heat treated and they come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

These buggers are going fast, make sure to get you order in before they are gone!



Ready to go big?  Wild West Off Road is the first company to bring 40 spline all together in one place. Built and designed in conjunction with some of the top names in the industry, including Solid Axle Industries, Cones Industries, and ARB

That's right 40 spline parts are finally here!

The 1.50" 35 spline shaft has been the go to for many, many years, but now comes the massive 1.71" 40 spline shaft.

Comparing the two is almost absurd, the 1.71" 40 spline shaft is 12% larger in diameter and has 32% less torsional deflection or twist.

As a shaft gets larger in diameter, it will see less twist;  the less twist the shaft sees, the longer it will last in your rig.

Stay tuned as we still have more 40 spline parts and accessories to post as they start arriving, this is a whole new ball game. Will you be part of it or get left behind?


Top level Ultra 4 cars and racers have used our 40 spline components: Loren Healey, Kevin Yoder, Dave Cole's 4454, JR2's UFO to name just a few.



     Check out the difference between a 1.5" 35 spline shaft and the massive 1.71" 40 spline shaft!


40 Spline

40 Spline Hubs
40 Spline Hubs

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